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Vol. 1: Crossing the Threshold

Saturday 24th June 2023 

10am - 1pm 

Altered States, 66 Kampong Bugis, Level 4, Singapore 338987

Are you wondering "What is dramatherapy? What can it offer me?" 

Here is an invitation for you to join us in this space of embodied curiosity, play and connection as we cross the threshold into a world of creativity.


We’re often told as adults that we need to ‘be serious’ and leave our child-like curiousity behind. What if we used this part of us to recharge? Join us for a series of playful explorations where we rediscover and reconnect with our imagination, inner-child, and perhaps form new paths to connect more deeply with ourselves and others.


Rather than a group therapy session, this is a space to experience a taster of Dramatherapy, and to be held, seen and heard as you are.


With a special guest facilitator from the United Kingdom, join us for the launch of this series of Dramatherapy workshops - the first of its kind in Singapore!



(2 partially sponsored spots available,

reach out here to enquire more)

Who is this for? 

This workshop is for anyone interested in experiencing or finding out more about the creative arts therapies. Or simply if you're looking to tap into a place of recharge. 

What can I expect? ​

Exploration through stories, guided visualisations, objects, self-led movement, creative expression and play.

Come meet your curious, playful, creative selves! 

Meet your facilitators

Ambre is a pioneering Dramatherapist in Singapore. As someone who often found it easier and more comfortable to express herself through images, stories, colours and sound, the modality of Dramatherapy sparked curiosity and fascination. 

Ambre is passionate about empowering individuals to discover their language of expression, retrieve their compassionate selves and ignite a mind-body (re)connection. She hopes this workshop will inspire you to reconnect with your innate playful and creative selves! 

Find out more about Ambre here

Ambre Lee 
Freya Briley 

Freya is a Dramatherapist, travelling from the United Kingdom to facilitate this wonderful workshop. 

After obtaining a degree in drama and theatre studies, Freya spent six years running her own business, looking at how drama based workshops, and activities, can help develop well-being. 

Freya qualified as a Dramatherapist from Roehampton University, London, in 2021 and has spent the last two years working in the National Health Service (NHS) on acute mental health units for older adults. 

Freya has a passion for helping people in moments of difficulty, through using creative mediums. 

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