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Dramatherapy forms part of the family of Creative Arts Psychotherapies alongside Art Psychotherapy,

Dance-movement Psychotherapy, Music Therapy and Play Therapy. Whilst it is not yet a form of therapy officially recognised in Singapore, Creative Arts Psychotherapists are required to go through a Masters level training in their modality in order to legally call themselves an Arts Therapist.


Dramatherapy is a blend of drama, theatre and psychotherapy. Through the use of stories, role-play, objects, characters, movement, sound, art and/or play - Dramatherapy offers choices in the way one wishes to express, explore and process. What may feel impossible to put into words, overwhelming to be with or hard to make sense of, can find its outlet through creative expression and communication. In turn, this can lead to creating awareness, perspectives and understanding as well as a greater ability to manage difficulties. Dramatherapy helps us find new ways to be curious about ourselves, our environment, our story, and others. It rekindles and nurtures innate creativity that exists within us all.


Contrary to common misconception, one does not need to know how to act or identify as a theatre/drama person to benefit from Dramatherapy. It is the intentional use of drama tools and processes that provide the therapeutic holding.

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