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Creating curious spaces

Ambre offers a range of workshops, sharing and facilitations across various themes and settings. If you would like to collaborate or if you have an idea and would like to discuss potentials


Previous work include:

Boundaries: Navigating Roles and Building Self-Care Practices 

INTERMISSION | A Performing Arts Well-being day with Esplanade Singapore 

The fundamental importance of play in

child development


Drama and Play: exploring how more

arts-based learning can be integrated in school curriculum


The Worry Worm Workshop: helping children better understand the feeling of worry through interactive storytelling and an experiential workshop


An Introduction to Dramatherapy:
a series.  

Vol. 1:  Crossing the Threshold 


Are you wondering "what is dramatherapy? what can it offer me?" This 3-hour workshop welcomes you to have a glimpse into the process of dramatherapy. 

An open invitation for you to rediscover and reconnect with your imagination and

inner-playful child, or to just be held and witnessed as you are. 

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